SwiftNotes let's you create numerous notes with ease which are saved on your local device away from prying eyes.


Why use this app ?


sim·​ple \ˈsim-pəl\


ef·​fi·​cient \i-ˈfi-shənt\



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SwiftNotes let's you create numerous notes which are saved on your local device.

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Use the app with ease

The app is designed in the simplest way possible to let you type whatever is on your mind in the quickest manner. When you open SwiftNotes you just have to type in the title of your Note as well as it's description. Finally, you can save it and access it whenever you wish !


Swipe the old & completed stuff away.

Swipe the note if you want to delete it or press the X button at the end of the note.


Pressing the "more options" button witch is located on the left of the X button will bring up pop-up menu with options to view note in more detail, make changes, pin it for later reminder, share it via message or email or even save it to calendar.


Click on note to see it in more detail. In this view you can then click on the card that will take you to make changes to the note.


Swipe alongside note to delete it.


Lets you access your calendar.


Lets you share the note with your friends and family.

Quick or classic

You can change adding type in the settings.

You can choose the way to add new notes :

*Classic add (opens whole new page)
*Quick add (lets you add new things directly from the list)

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Launch our App

Launch our simple notes App today and start taking efficient and quick notes.

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  • 1
    Click add new

    Just click the "ADD NEW" button. It really is that easy.

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    Write down your stuff

    Write down things you wish to remember such as groceries list, what movie to watch and song to listen, or even just a quick reminder to yourself.

  • 3
    Do your thing

    You have complete control over the stuff you write down.
    You can change it, share it, pin it for later and when you are done you can just swipe to delete it.



Available on Google Play store.